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As Angie's son, I've had the great pleasure of hearing so many people tell me tales of how she touched their lives.  Angie was undoubtedly a special person - a 5'12" lady who filled a room not with her "jolly green giant" height, but rather a toothy smile, bib overalls, and an enveloping aura of all things good.  She helped confirm the belief some of us hold, that there's truly something greater than ourselves.  

Angie's extreme modesty left her never cognizant of how she impacted those around her.  When my brother, sister and I would tell her she was the most wonderful Mommo, she would always unknowingly reply with a cute little "really?"  Little did she know of the work she had done or , more importantly, the legacy she would leave.

With your support and the help of our non-profit umbrella, the Discovery Center, we are empowered to continue Angie's unsung mission to bring a bit more joy to the lives of those around her.

Thank you to everyone who continues to be there for me and my family.  Your thoughts and actions tickle us into levitation above the sad things in life, allowing us to embark on this cause.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Love, Ben Traverse